Sunday, July 27, 2008

Medical update

We finally got our appointment with the specialist - September 3.
The "triage nurse" at the specialist office didn't have our paperwork (faxing tends to cause misplaced paperwork) but agreed that we could not wait on it to come through before scheduling J's appointment; the high triglycerides are a serious concern in someone J's age. She also has us on the cancellation list, so that if someone can't make their appointment we can get a call to come in.
We probably will get a call in August since Hubby is gone the whole month and I'll be forced to deal with it on my own.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Back from vacation

We just got back from visiting family in KY and I've decide I want to move there. There are hills, there's greenery, and their traffic is laughable. Of course, the other positive, there is family there. My dear sister-in-law and her hubby where kind enough to play tour guide to us while we were there, putting up with the chaos of us and my father-in-law and his wife too. They are used to just the two of them, so I am sure they were happy to have their peace and quiet back once we all left.
We weren't sure how the trip was going to go since we arrived near midnight, got the rental car, and got pulled over within minutes. Seems are driving triggered the suspicions of the local airport police. We were lost, so when she came to the car window asking if we needed some help I immediately spoke up and asked for directions. Hey, I wanted to get some sleep! Much to hubby's dismay, I also took a picture of him and her together, to start our vacation photo album off just right ...hehe.
Although we saw many sights, we were happy just hanging around the sister-in-law's house. J discovered fossils in her back yard and spent hours digging and cleaning them. I think the toughest part of the trip for him was deciding which ones to take back (the 500+lb slab had to stay).
On the last day of the trip, hubby lost his glasses -he was not happy! We had gone to a water park and he was putting stuff away in a locker when he heard them fall, but he could not find them. We all searched, high and low, for them but they were gone. I even had the attendant open the locker beneath ours to see if they had somehow or another fallen in there. It's as though there was a black hole in the back of the locker, sucking in all matter, never to be seen again.
Luckily, that was the only downside to the trip. We made it back safe and sound and I even had the forethought to schedule a few more days off from work so that I might have a "vacation from my vacation" so that I could rest up before heading back to work.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Mysterious Palm

See that plant? The palm-like growth? It mysteriously appeared in my front yard at the beginning of the summer. I have no idea what it is, or how big it will get. I'm thinking it may have originated from a seed sent from my mother-in-law to my son as a souvenir from her vacation to Jamaica. The child insists he did not plant it there, however I do recall him asking me at some point if I thought it could still grow.
It has already grown about three feet, as you can see if it is going to get large, its placement is not ideal - it would be blocking my front door. So, can someone help me identify it? You may not be able to tell from the pictures, but it also has sharp teeth-like thorny growths along the edges of the stalks of the "leaves".