Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Now what do I have to live for?

Although I don't know if I should actually be posting this, since the game is not over, but "way to go Red Sox!" It looks like they are going to win the World Series. If they do, what do we, the fans, do? Part of the allure of the Sox is their never-ending talent of turning the tide against themselves. Every good fan knows you can count on them to blow it, they always do. Of course, I am breaking every rule of the Sox fan by saying they are going to win this early in the game. As a clarification, until the final out is scored in the final inning, be it the ninth or the fifteenth, it is always to early.

Shhh...don't tell anyone, but I actually feel optimistic. I can't help it.

Don't worry, if they lose you can blame me and my jinx. We'll see how it goes - it's the bottom of the fifth.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Take me out to the ball game

The penant series is heating up and I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place. As a native Rhode Islander, I grew up watching the Red Sox. Even though they continously failed, I still believed that they would go to the World Series and blow it in the 7th. The curse of the Bambino is alive- ask Bill Buckner; that is, if you can find him. I think he went into witness protection after his famous world series blunder.

I have been watching their series against the NY Yankees through my fingers (my eyes have been covered the entire time). The Sox play the same, tired or rested, but the Yanks need their sleep and they haven't been able to get it.

Now the rock - I live in Texas now and the Astros are about to go to their first World Series. I would like this team to win too. The fans around here are so energetic. They have "Go Astros" days in school. I know that NY doesn't, nor does MA; at least not whileI lived there during playoff times.

So who do I support? Well, I figure if either one makes it to the World Series, I'll route for them. If both go, I think I'll just have to turn the tube off and get a book from the library.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Sex,sex, sex

I just wanted to up the number of hits to my blog.

Stupid people shouldn't breathe

A person I hold near and dear to my heart asked me "Why do you blog, you don't even like people?" This is true, I do hate people. That is why my chosen profession is archaeology - I only have to deal with dead things. The other choices; if I hadn't gone into archaeology, would have been forensic medicine or county coroner. When I was a child of about 8, I used to wear a pin which said "stupid people shouldn't breathe" (either you get it or you should hold your breathe until I say stop).

Of course, when people first meet me and I tell them "I hate people, I'm not nice and I never claimed to be". I don't try to mislead anyone about the type of person I am. They laugh and say things like "you're so funny" or "you don't mean that". Often times they will bring up my past occupations as evidence that I do like people. One they like to bring up is when I was an EMT on an ambulance. "You have to care about people, look at all the lives you've saved." Not true. I enjoyed being an EMT because those people were suffering, they had a reason to be whiny self-serving idiots. They needed me and knew it. Plus, I didn't look at the patients as people, I looked at them as medical cases. Therefore, they weren't human beings in my eyes. I had a patient come up to me days after an incident to thank me for all my help, and I hade no clue who she was. Why? Because the last time I saw her she was unconscious and naked on a shower stall floor. When she was dressed, she went back to being an annoying oxygen stealing person. I got joy out of the job, but that was from my skills as a medical professional not as a caring individual.

Yes, I come off as a hardhearted bitch, but I'm not going to change. Who needs friends anyway? ;)

I didn't say stop yet.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

You asked for it

My search for suggestions has yielded one, although its source is from a paronoid delusional man (his test results, not mine). Seriously, he suggested I mention some of my favorite blogs (yes, that is how I am interpreting the comment).

Although I am lax in updating my blog, there are several which I do frequently visit to get my daily laugh or to just stay informed.

One of my favorites is . This man updates his site every few hours, so that us compulsive types have something new to read when we don't feel like doing any work. His topics are varied - from medical news to odd facts to modernistic furniture.

A rather nice blog is one that was started for the Olympics but has been continued since then. The main character is a stuffed robin named Robin. There is also Kit who will be marrying in Greece next year and promises to take us along for the ride. Check it out and you'll see what I'm talking about - it is

There is although he has become rather immersed into the policital scene, he usually has a few insightful ideas. You can also write him in as your candidate on Nov. 2.

Finally there is , a suffering scriptwriter waiting for his big break. You must take him with a grain of salt, but when you are miserable you can be sure that his life sucks more (archenemy The Producer). I can't wait until he has a true success story, we'll be able to use his blog for blackmail.

It's a short list, and I visit most of the sites several times a day, which is why I get none of my work done. You ask and I'll answer.

Friday, October 08, 2004

When the words won't come

It is quite embarassing to check out my favorite blogs and then look back at mine only to see that it has been 2 weeks since my last blog. It isn't a question of topics to discuss, more of motivation to discuss them.

I, like many Americans, have watched the presidential and vice-presidential debates with more interest than I ever thought possible to muster. Perhaps I care more this year since the topics of debate contain several about which I feel strongly. Stem cell research is a necessity for future medicinal developments. In this country alone, there are many resources for those stem cells. In vitro clinics often destroy unwanted embryos, want not use them for science.

I could go on, but the motivation is not there. Simply put, with whom am I discussing these great ideas? If those of you out there want me to discuss anything in particular, let me know.