Thursday, October 14, 2004

Stupid people shouldn't breathe

A person I hold near and dear to my heart asked me "Why do you blog, you don't even like people?" This is true, I do hate people. That is why my chosen profession is archaeology - I only have to deal with dead things. The other choices; if I hadn't gone into archaeology, would have been forensic medicine or county coroner. When I was a child of about 8, I used to wear a pin which said "stupid people shouldn't breathe" (either you get it or you should hold your breathe until I say stop).

Of course, when people first meet me and I tell them "I hate people, I'm not nice and I never claimed to be". I don't try to mislead anyone about the type of person I am. They laugh and say things like "you're so funny" or "you don't mean that". Often times they will bring up my past occupations as evidence that I do like people. One they like to bring up is when I was an EMT on an ambulance. "You have to care about people, look at all the lives you've saved." Not true. I enjoyed being an EMT because those people were suffering, they had a reason to be whiny self-serving idiots. They needed me and knew it. Plus, I didn't look at the patients as people, I looked at them as medical cases. Therefore, they weren't human beings in my eyes. I had a patient come up to me days after an incident to thank me for all my help, and I hade no clue who she was. Why? Because the last time I saw her she was unconscious and naked on a shower stall floor. When she was dressed, she went back to being an annoying oxygen stealing person. I got joy out of the job, but that was from my skills as a medical professional not as a caring individual.

Yes, I come off as a hardhearted bitch, but I'm not going to change. Who needs friends anyway? ;)

I didn't say stop yet.

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Envoy-ette said...

OMG! Yes...I hate people too! Really! I can't get them to stop coming around though! I even have a doormat that says..."Go Away"
They never get the hint. Yes...I'm back away and get back into your car..and drive off a cliff. After all....I'm busy here! Doing.....something......