Wednesday, October 13, 2004

You asked for it

My search for suggestions has yielded one, although its source is from a paronoid delusional man (his test results, not mine). Seriously, he suggested I mention some of my favorite blogs (yes, that is how I am interpreting the comment).

Although I am lax in updating my blog, there are several which I do frequently visit to get my daily laugh or to just stay informed.

One of my favorites is . This man updates his site every few hours, so that us compulsive types have something new to read when we don't feel like doing any work. His topics are varied - from medical news to odd facts to modernistic furniture.

A rather nice blog is one that was started for the Olympics but has been continued since then. The main character is a stuffed robin named Robin. There is also Kit who will be marrying in Greece next year and promises to take us along for the ride. Check it out and you'll see what I'm talking about - it is

There is although he has become rather immersed into the policital scene, he usually has a few insightful ideas. You can also write him in as your candidate on Nov. 2.

Finally there is , a suffering scriptwriter waiting for his big break. You must take him with a grain of salt, but when you are miserable you can be sure that his life sucks more (archenemy The Producer). I can't wait until he has a true success story, we'll be able to use his blog for blackmail.

It's a short list, and I visit most of the sites several times a day, which is why I get none of my work done. You ask and I'll answer.

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The Writer said...

My life sucks? Now I'm depressed... and sexy.