Friday, September 14, 2012

Candy Corn Oreos

Oreo's made a smart marketing move with their limited edition Candy Corn Oreos (henceforth referred to as CCO) - they are being sold only at Target, creating a sense of exclusivity and reduced ability of the product. Then, a few Internet mentions and Pinterest posts and they become the next "hot" item to get. 

Luckily, after searching for a few days and at a few Targets, I was able to locate a package  so I can share the experience with those who are fortunate/not fortunate enough to have them available to you. They are not the traditional chocolate Oreo cookie sandwich, they are made of the vanilla cookies with a candy corn creme filling. They look very festive. Plus when you open the back for the first time, you get that sweet candy corn scent, reminiscent of cotton candy and caramel. 

I normally eat my Oreos by prying off the top cookie and eating it, then eating the filling and 2nd cookie together. This is not a good plan for these. The cookie alone is bland with a slight bitter strychnine after taste. The creme center is overly sweet, chemically laced concoction that I would not wish on my worst enemy. It's horrible.
I decide to be fair, and I tried the CCO in its complete form - maybe it needed all the elements together to balance flavors. It is better, as the blandness of the cookie cuts the sweetness of the creme, making it almost palatable. Still, you end up with a flavor that is reminiscent of all the bad qualities of candy corn, the taste in your mouth that you get from eating a whole bag in one sitting. Don't even try dunking them in milk - it just makes it worse.

The only positive of this is that you pretty much guarantee that you will eat no more than one serving (2 cookies) in a sitting.  Heck, you probably won't even eat a serving.