Saturday, December 07, 2013

Notes of gratitude

Recently I have been taken by the idea of sending out "notes of gratitude" to individuals that have made a difference or just brought a smile to my face. I sent one to my aunt and uncle, telling them how much I loved and appreciated how they were always so kind to us as kids, ready with a quick smile. I'm glad I did not wait to do it, as my uncle passed away less than a month later.

So today I chose to sit down and send out some more cards. They ranged from people who I knew 20 years ago who supported me in my decision to get married young and move to a foreign country, to new in-laws who opened their arms to me, to distant cousins who continue to look after my folks since none of us children are able to be there for them on a day to day basis.

If my husband knew what I was doing, he would probably question me as to why I feel the need to do it. Simply put, I think everyone would like to know if they have made a difference or had a positive impact on someones life. We are always so quick to judge, to point out the negative things that go on around us, sometimes it is just nice to get a confirmation that we are appreciated.

I don't know if the recipients will feel quite the same as I do about my notes, but as my note to  my uncle and aunt proved to me, I certainly should not wait to find out.