Thursday, January 27, 2011

When you're in a funk...

Winter, especially this winter that seems to the beginning of a new ice age, often lends itself to funkville, ie. the being in a rut. New year's resolutions have gone by the wayside and folks are looking for something more in their lives. I really like list on the website I've got listed below, it really does have some create ideas to get the creative juices flowing.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

School started

I started school this week, one face-to-face class and two online classes. I admit, I've had several panic attacks this week, with the thought of "what have I gotten myself into". I was telling this to my hubby, and he couldn't quite grasp why I was panicking. I believe it is my fear of the unknown, as I have not had experience with online classes, and the need to set my own deadlines is throwing me off. I'm afraid I'll forget a date when something is due, or that there will just be too much work for me to do and I'll fall behind. Luckily, I've been somewhat consoled, as a friend of mine happens to be in my face-to-face class and she too admits to the stomach-clenching knots. I know I have the knowledge to complete the classes, but emotionally I'm still not sure.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Bucket list

The other day, as we sat around not doing anything yet again, I asked my husband if he had anything planned for his day. Of course, it was his usual of just working out. I realized that both he and I are in a terrible rut when it comes to change in our lives, and our son sees it as normal to "do nothing, accomplish nothing". So, I "went fishing" for ideas for what we could do, maybe something on hubby's bucket list. Only, he does not have a bucket list. "Well then," I said, "what did you want to do as a kid?" He listed several occupations, all of which (besides astronaut) he had done at some point in his like. "No, no, what else? Other than a job?" Again, he listed items, items which he can still accomplish and will probably. Once of them, the advanced degree he is looking for, we've discussed before. It is something he will go for as he gets to retirement, to make it a more marketable viable degree. He wants to run a marathon - no problem, he is already running everyday, he can do it.
He didn't ask me what I had on my bucket list, as I had caught him between his run and weights workout. Besides, what I would like to accomplish are goals that are a bit unrealistic. I still want a Nobel Prize. I know, you have to have expertise in some aspect of your life to qualify, and I do not have that, but it is a dream I've had since I was 8. That novel that I am not writing could possibly accomplish this; of course, it would have to be written, which means I would need some idea about what I was to write.
I'd like to be a hero, like one of the people who tackled the shooter in the AZ shooting. I know, another odd, unrealistic goal. I know I would react in the situation, I just don't think I'll ever be in that situation - it's not like I am a hostage negotiator.
I'd like to save a life, which goes along with the hero thing, although it could be as simple as performing CPR, the Heimlich manuever, of applying pressure to a gushing wound. As an EMT and as a medical assistant in an emergency clinic, I have dealt with life or death situations, but I don't think that my efforts alone ever "saved" anyone, it was always a team effort.
So, what's on your bucket list?

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What to do?

Folks who stay home all day, what do they do? I'm not talking mothers of small children, I know they're playing clean-up and catch-up all day. No, I'm talking about folks like me, who have their children in school full-time. Ones who are not volunteering their time for good causes.
I'm guessing they have pretty clean homes. If I was a good mother and wife, I would be vacuuming every day, mopping, dusting, etc. I guess I'm not, since I figure my once a week standard for most things should work, as it has worked for the past 6 years. My husband does not see dirt, as we confirmed last night when he "helped" me clean-up a mess I spilled up the floor. After he was done, I looked down and saw the food still on the floor. He literally did not see it all he swore it must have appeared there after he wiped up my mess. My son is the same way, so if they don't care, should I stress over it? I'll end up being cranky when they do drop crumbs on the floor or don't put their laundry away as soon as they come home.
We'll see how it goes. For now, I think catching up on some of my reading is an ideal use of my time. That and scheduling all those annoying maintenance appointments that I usually don't have time for (ie. carpet cleaning, car tune-up, dentist cleanings, haircut, etc). I've already got the appointment set for my truck recall.

Monday, January 10, 2011

So this is what my blog looks like...

Hi everyone, if anyone is still there. Yes, it has been very long since I blogged. I allowed my life to take over my enjoyment in writing, and I had stopped making time for it. This has changed, as with the new year I have made many changes.
My job of 6 years is no more, I turned in my keys at the end of December. I realize this may seem counter-intuitive when you consider the state of our economy, but it was a necessity for my sanity. I knew it was the right choice when I told my boss I was leaving - instead of asking me to stay, she simply asked me to please put it in writing. This is a job where I have received numerous awards of recognition for my work, so it was a bit disheartening to not be at least asked to reconsider my decision.
I do have another job, one that is weekends only. It is mindless, but at least I know that going into it. Yes, I may not enjoy the time away from the family; however, I do need to fund my new endeavors, one of which is going back to school. I am heading back to become a physical therapist, with the 1st step being me getting my physical therapist assistant certification. I may be making a change, but I do have an eye on our bank account and know that I need to get back full-time into the workforce sooner than later.
In the meantime, I am greatly enjoying my time off. I love the freedom during the day, the peace and quiet of the house. I am jumping through hoops trying to get my plan in place (20 year old transcripts don't always transfer easily), but I am OK with that. Life is good.