Thursday, July 12, 2012

TDY in the near future

We've been a bit overwhelmed with family and friend's health issues and it is starting to take a toll on our family. My poor hubby comes home from work more exhausted than normal from his 12 hour days. He's up much later than usual worrying about his mom. She's had some complications that have led to a delay and treatment and several emergency visits to the hospital (latest one was yesterday). It breaks his heart to not be  there for her.
With that thought in mind, he's come up with a temporary solution - a Temporary Duty Assignment (TDY) to her neck of the woods. This would give him the opportunity to visit her on a regular basis while not having to take time off from work. Of course, the downside is that he'll be away from us. This will be J's first year of high school and I'll be back in school as well (I've been officially accepted into my PTA program- yay me). It'll be stressful, but worth it if he can be there by his mom's side. Plus, it'll help alleviate some of the stress from my sister-in-law's shoulders, as she has been the one handling the day to day care of appointments and "cheerleader" for my m-i-l.