Sunday, May 15, 2005

Crawdads, crayfish, roaches that swim in the ocean

I love seafood...well, most seafood. Tonight my sweetie had a crawfish boil waiting for me when I got home from work. He and my son were out shopping and saw crayfish for sale outside the local supermarket. They tried some and decided to bring them home.

To me, they are not worth the effort. They are miniaturized lobsters that look like they were run on the "high" cycle in the dryer one too many times. You expend more energy cracking them open looking for that 1/2 teaspoon of meat then you do eating them.

And then there is the smell. My house is going to reek for the next week or so, smelling like a rotten sewer or a festering bayou in the hot August sun.


wally said...

Last fall I ate deep fried crawfish tails at Pearl's Crabtown in Oklahoma City. Delicious. My son-in-law had the crawfish boil. He pulls the heads off and sucks out the stuff. That's not for me.

The Writer said...

I've telling everyone in my blogroll I quit work. I need cheering up. :)

Envoy-ette said...

that does sound like a lot of work. Man...just give me a candy bar I can peel open...and I'm happy!

Earl said...

hey dawn, i understand your frustration. the deal with mudbugs, as they are affectionately known to some, is the spices and lemons in the boil. also, you have to cook them outside. when you eat them you break off the tail, and peel the first segment of shell nearest the body, then put that end in your mouth, pinch the tail hard right where the meat is attached to the end of the tail, and suck out all the tail meat at one time. In 15 minutes you can eat a pound of mudbugs once you get the hang of it.