Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Something scary happened to me last night. I was in my bathroom, brushing my hair when I happened to look into the mirror and something caught my eye. It looked like one of my hairs was covered in paint, which is odd since I haven't painted in months. I looked more closely. Yes, there was definitely something odd about one of my hairs.

So I pulled it out to get a closer look. It was....my first grey hair!!! For some of you this old hat, for me it is a bit frightful. You see, I've never been sure who's hair I have - my mom's or my dad's. The texture comes from mom, the color from dad. Mom's side doesn't go grey, Dad's side has stock in Clairol. Now I know. The question left is, how soon will it all go grey?


Envoy-ette said...

Sorry...I'm laughing right now! I started to turn gray when I was 27!! Well...a few hairs anyway and I know you are older then that!
Anyway...when it gets too gray...it's time to go blond!

kilgorsky said...

I'm 32 and if I don't shave my head for more than a week I can see a buch of these gray ones. On top of that I started loosing hair... whatever, nothing we can do about that.