Thursday, July 26, 2007


Tomorrow I find out whether or not I qualify for eye surgery - I'm a bit nervous. I've pinned my hopes to getting the surgery, but am a bit frightened about the actual surgery. It's not the results of the surgery, but the actual surgery that has me in a tizzy. I just don't know if I can physical take having my eyes held open as a laser slices the cornea. I won't put contacts in my eye, so the thought of having anything foreign in my eye makes my heart race. If I do get to go through with it, I'll ask for a sedative,

UPDATE: Looks like I am a good candidate. The doctor had me wear contacts for a day to see if my eyes dried out (a good indication for the possibility of that as a long time side-effect from the surgery). They didn't! I have one more appointment to go to before the actual surgery. I could have new sight within the next three weeks!


wally said...

Good luck on that.

Envoy-ette said...

OOOOOOOO!! I hope all goes well! What a wonderful thing not to need glasses anymore!