Saturday, February 09, 2008

Vacation thoughts

The weather outside is beautiful - 75 degrees and sunny. It has my mind wandering to summer vacation and where we should go. Last year we went to Disney World and had a blast. This year, we are up for anything - backwoods to seascapes, posh to perilous. The only requirement is that it is in the U.S. (have to support the economy - especially since we'll be using the check we receive from the "economic stimulus"bill that just passed the Senate and House).

Now I just need idea - anyone have a few to spare?

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wally said...

The summer of 2006 we went to Nags Head on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Not only can you just lay on the beach soaking up the sun, but there are historical things like Kitty Hawk, Roanoke Island, and the light houses. It was our best vacation yet.