Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I took J to the dentist for his semi-annual teeth cleaning. As the hygienist was cleaning his teeth, she mentioned that he had to work harder at it since he had some plaque build-up, etc. She started suggesting that I should be cleaning his teeth (I disagree - he is 9 1/2 y.o., old enough to do his own dental cleaning). She asked both of us how often he brushes his teeth; my reply was morning and night and his was morning and night as well, "except, I haven't really been brushing them lately, not in the morning at least". My jaw dropped and an expression of disbelief crossed my face. I heard the dental hygienist in the next cubicle over start to laugh as ours said, "at least he is honest about his brushing, unlike some adults who come in here". She asked him if he had the materials to floss his teeth, which he answered yes, then thought better than to ask him if he actually flossed. She could see the answer in his teeth and did not think I should hear spoken what the answer was, since we all knew what it would be.


Envoy-ette said...

This is my biggest battle with Dan. And to make it worse, the fact he doesn't have ANY cavities yet, makes it harder to convince him to brush twice a day!

wally said...

Why do those in the dental profession take it so personal when our dental hygine doesn't measure up to their standards? I don't think it's possible to please them.

kilgorsky said...

Kids are cool about such situations much to the horror of their parents.