Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Would someone please finish my taxes for me? I have them sitting on my table, 90% of the way completed, yet I can not motivate myself to finish them. The deadline is fast approaching and they need to be done since, for the first time ever, we owe taxes this year. That's probably why I am reluctant to complete them. If I had money coming back to me, they would have been done as soon as my tax documents where in my hands. As it is now, I am procrastinating on paying back my "interest free loan" from the government....hehe

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Envoy-ette said...

When I was my poorest, I still had to send in 300+ dollars in state taxes..which was a lot to ME then. I send it in only to receive another letter a few weeks later saying I owed another $380.00! So I sent that in, cause it's the TAX MAN, and he'll put you in jail if you don't pay him. 15 years later, I receive a check for $800.00 from a class action suit. Seems, my state was over-collecting that year from poor people like me and had to pay us back with 15 years of interest. The 800 was leftover after lawyer deductions,filing fees, and court costs, but was SOOOO HAPPY to get something!