Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hurricane preparations

So, we all know to put the yard decorations away, stock up on water, candles available,etc, but what about the other prep that no one tells us about?

Laundry - there is a chance power can be out for 2 weeks. Do you have enough clean clothes to make it through that time frame? No air conditioning + dirty clothes = stinky people who you will be in close contact with for awhile.
Dishes - run the dishwasher before the power goes out. Again, who wants to to be responsible for that full dishwasher of dishes that has been fermenting for a day or two.
Books- no TV, no power; how are you going to keep yourself entertained?
Pictures - the before pictures so that the insurance company believes you when you submit claims afterword.
Jewelry - time to put on all your jewels in case the roof blows off and you need to leave in a hurry. Better to be prepared and looking like a princess than leaving your precious jewels behind.
Alcohol - It's a perfect time to have a block party. Your food is defrosting anyway, so turn on the grill and lets make it a celebration. I suggest making hurricanes.


Envoy-ette said...

And here I thought I was the only woman in America who put her jewels on during bad weather! LOL! I would add only one more thing, bakes lots of cakes and muffins while you have your oven. Great to snack on if you are without power for 2 weeks. The alcohol, I wouldn't have thought of...a must for a block party! Good luck!

Barbara said...

Look like a princess! That was a great line!

wally said...

According to the latest news you're in for a bad time. I hope you're not too close to the coast.

dawn said...

Baking madly here, orange marmalade cake and maybe blueberry muffins. We are on the northwest side of Houston, so storm surge will not effect us.