Saturday, March 07, 2009

Music soothes the savage beast

Lately I've been a bit tense, what with the job situation, hubby being away, and Jman just being difficult. I'd forgotten one of my relaxation tools until today, a very simple fix. It's music.
It amazes how music can have such an influence on my emotional health. I may be stressed and irritable, but once I slip my headphones on, sit back and listen, the anger leaves my body and a calmness comes over me. It doesn't have to be any certain song, as long as it is not too "energetic". Blue October is a good band for me to relax with, since they are not overly heavy on guitar or drum riffs. I don't have to listen for that long of a time, 3-4 songs worth, before I'm ready to deal with the world again.

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CJ said...

Blue October is my favorite band! No matter the mood, their music will accommodate it.