Monday, May 21, 2012

Just another day at work

I work in new home sales, at a model home (a model home is a new home which is an example of a builder's work, it is fully furnished and people come through it to see what they can have if they decided to use my builder). I'm used to rude people, people who treat the model as their own home (it is a place of business, not a hangout house) and odd people in general. What I'm not used to is the family that visited on Saturday.

The family was composed of a set of grandparents, a mom and dad, and two boys - 4 years old and 20 months, approximately. This family allowed their children to wander the home without supervision, which meant they were pulling at decorations, banging the Foosball table, etc - but I'm used to that. They let the boys go into the fenced in backyard with no supervision - again, normal. The older little boy went up to the back fence and decided to relieve himself while he was out there. Both his mother and grandmother were watching him from inside. Grandma laughed, saying "at least he didn't pee in front of everyone in the model", mom seemed a little embarrassed, but not enough to say anything to him about it. Still, this does not shock me, as this is something little boys do, although it is not something I would personally encourage.

Dad and Grandpa leave the model to go to the next home on the street. Mom and Grandma are about 5 minutes behind them. They have the older boy with them, but not the younger one. Grandma asks where the younger one is, Mom comments that "I'm sure he went with his father". Hmm, as a parent, I would double check before leaving a building without my child.  In fact, this mother should have, since her youngest had not left and was in fact hiding in the Foosball table upstairs. I know, because I found him after they left. Yes, you heard me - they left their child behind.

So I take the boys hand and lead him over to the next model home, hoping that his parents are still there. I walk in, mention to the hostess there that I believe a have a child someone left behind at our house. She looks aghast, as if how could that be? I find the family, who are all together - well, except they are missing a 20 mth old. None of them seemed to notice he was gone. When I mentioned,  "I think you forgot someone", they laughed. They didn't appear worried or concerned.

I feel badly for this child. Our model home was full of people and anyone could have taken him. He went with me very willingly and was wanting to get into a car when I told him we were going to find his mom. He could have easily been stolen. Plus, he is much too young to be left wandering around by himself. One of those 4 adults should have had his/her eyes on him the whole time.

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Envoy-ette said...

Thank goodness you were there!