Friday, November 12, 2004

A nip in the air

Ahh, here in my part of Texas we finally have some cool weather. Temperatures are in the mid 50's, so it is time to pull out those sweaters. Well, if you are a native Texan, you'll pull out your hat and gloves, at least that is what I've observed so far.

I was wondering when this cold weather would come. I've been here in TX for less than a year after coming from up north, and I was getting a little tired of the warm weather. One can only enjoy 80 degree weather for so long. I need season change. Yes, I know if I was up north right now I would be saying "#@$^*#@ weather, I wish it were that warm here"; but it does get tiresome. You should not be able to go swimming in an outdoor pool and be comfortable on Thanksgiving (which for you non-Americans, is Nov. 25 this year). There should be snow, or at least a hint of it. If nothing else, all the trees should be bare of their leaves. Here, the flowers are still blooming. It's just not natural.

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