Monday, November 22, 2004

Stupid blogger

So, I’m thinking of selling ad space on my site. I’m rather curious as to what I could earn. Of course, I would have to post more frequently, with more scintillating topics. Just think, I could earn residuals like people in commercials that run once a year every holiday season. I'd love to get a check in the mail for doing absolutely nothing.
This is assuming that I could post at all, which I having quite a bit of difficulty with as of late. This stupid blog site takes forever to load when it does load at all. Yes, I so enjoy reading the “HTTP 500 Internal Server” error message. That just makes my day. Especially since those are usually the days when my creative juices are really flowing. Stupid blogger.

1 comment:

vegemiterules said...

G'day Dawn. how true does your post ring, hey even if I was a Postie, your blog would ring louder

"postie" = person who delivers your mail through hail, sleet snow!!!!!!!!

Have had difficulties myself, hang in there Girl!!!