Monday, March 21, 2005

Back to the Grind

So how was my vacation you ask? Exhausting. Back to work today and I am thankful for it.

One of the silly things I've done recently is volunteer to be coordinator of my son's upcoming field day. This actually isn't too bad, the most stressfull part being the ordering of the giveaways for the event, made more stressful by my going to the wrong company.

I was told to visit company A on th einternet, to just type in a few prompt words and it would be the only site that popped up under those words. I did that and started working with a joyful fellow named Tim who listened to me, didn't pester me with phone calls, sent me a free sample, and just was fun to work with. Then I find out last Friday, after I call him to tell him I am ready to place our order for 1000+ pieces of merchandise that there is actually another company which has the same name, supplies the same materials and is actually the one I am supposed to be using. Gulp.

I had to send an apologetic email to Tim, explaining the situation, and now I feel like the stuff you scrap off your shoes after wandering through an active cow pasture. I have yet to hear back from him since it was the weekend, but I'm sure he will not be happy. So, let me give props to his company, , and I recommend that you check them out for company give aways, school gifts, etc.

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