Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Ant bite

Here in Texas everything is bigger, which seems to include insect bites. We have fire ant season, which last approximately 10 months out of the year. If you'll notice, the stuff that you buy at Home Depot to kill these ants says that it lasts a season. I guess it refers to a typical length season since my fire ants, having been gone for the spring and summer, have come back with a vengence and they are seeking revenge.
One teeny, tiny, little ant bit me between the big toe and second toe of my right foot. I can barely move that foot today, it is so swollen. I'm even contemplating calling into work, since it will be difficult to stand on it all day and I'm not sure if I can even get a shoe to fit on my foot. I probably still go in, I have to be really sick not to show up for work. But my foot really hurts and it itches like the devil too!


wally said...

It's bad enough that we have ticks up here in Oklahoma. Those fire ants are migrating in our direction. I may have to move to Canada

kilgorsky said...

I didn't realize these guys were so vicious. Did you stay home?

Envoy-ette said...

Fire ants are PAINFUL!!! Alabama was covered in them. One of many reasons I'll never go back there.