Saturday, October 29, 2005

Fall is here

Ah, fall weather has finally arrived here in Texas. We have dry air with temps in the low 70's. I love this time of year. Even though our foliage does not change, it still is a fantastic time to get outside and enjoy life. It makes me want to bike, to run, to rollerblade everywhere. Which means, my blog suffers terribly. So, when you wonder why I haven't post, even though I do have things to say, it is because I'm out living life.


Anonymous said...

Here in MIchigan the leaves are all colors and the fallen ones give off a great scent. It is cooling out and we need jackets. However tomorrow it's suppose to be 65 so I will defently be out there enjoying it.

kilgorsky said...

Nice fall weather in Europe too, though it's getting really cold.