Sunday, December 11, 2005

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

First, still no keyboard fix, although I'm almost tempted to try Envoyette's suggestion; afterall, it can't get worse than what it is. Hubby still wants to fix it himself; but really, if there is a chance it will get broken shouldn't we take it to a professional who will have to pay for the cost of repair?

We finally put up our Christmas tree yesterday. In my neighborhood, we are one of the last. Thanksgiving day is the day to put up your decorations, since I guess it takes that long to get in the holiday mood with the warm weather we have. I was reluctant to put up any decorations, since we're going out of town for Christmas, back to New England to visit the relatives. Alas, the men in the family won out and up went the artificial tree (much easier to care for, no dead branches catching fire due to a short in the wire caused by the bunny chewing on stuff he shouldn't be chewing on). Out go the holiday table clothes and we get to see the coffee table in all its naked glory for a brief moment (so that is what the furniture looks like when it is not covered in junk).

Off tune singing is started while I put up the lights on the tree. I really don't like to put up the lights, but I grumble the least while doing it. Hubby puts on the garland and then everyone does the ornaments. "We are not putting out your box (from childhood) of ornaments, are we Honey?" There is a place for a L'Eggs egg decopage decorated egg, but it is not on my tree! Ok, ok, ok, I know they have sentimental value for my husband, and that I should embrace the happy memories they bring forth, but a half decorated, sequin covered Styrofoam ball just is painful to look at. Besides, we have my son's homemade ornaments that need to find a place on the tree.

Our angel tree topper seems to have disappeared, which is odd since she is always stored in the holiday closet. All I can think of is that is the closet we were prepared to live in during the hurricanes and she must have been displaced somewhere along the line. That leaves a bobble headed, floppy handed, reglued three times angel from Hubby's past to put on the tree top. You know, it doesn't look too bad with a bare top, we'll see how that goes.


Envoy-ette said...

Still decorating here too! Thanks for reminding me to put out the Christmas table covers!!

kilgorsky said...

Sunday is the Christmas shopping day for me. I'm allergic to crowds in stores, so it may be a tough day.