Friday, April 21, 2006

Green, green, green

Today, being my day off, is the day I would normally tackle the lawn. I have yet to mow it since last time, when I had no gas, fugitively and literally. I went out and bought the additive for the weed whacker, made sure there was enough gas for both lawnmower and weedwhacker and was all set to mow today. But then...I forgot to turn the sprinklers off. The grass is soaked. It would normally dry by midmorning (our temps. have been in the low 90's). But we also got rain showers; drenching, soaking, lightening-inducing rain. There is a lovely little river running from my backyard to the street. I don't think I'm mowing today either. Instead, I'm going to watch the jungle that was once my lawn grow even more.


kilgorsky said...

90s? That's so hot for this time of the year.

Dawn said...

Yes, it is hot. Normal temps are mid 80's. That's Texax for ya'!

Envoy-ette said...

Is the boy going to stomp around in the river? I couldn't keep my boys out of it!