Thursday, April 13, 2006

Silent birth

Silent birth and Scientology. It's been in the entertainment news a lot lately, with many an opinion given over whether or not it is a good idea. I've thought back to my son's birth and wondered if I would have liked to have gone the "scientology way" with the delivery.
Let me clarify that - I could not have gone complete, no spoken word - I had previously undiagnosed serious complications that had to be talked about during the delivery. However, because of these complications, I was not allowed to take the route of epidurals and painless bliss. Yet, I did not scream during delivery. In fact, I kept shushing people - the doctor counting to ten (he counted to slow everytime), hubby counting and talking (shh - just hold my hand), and I found the noise of the nurses disturbing. I've also been in several delivery rooms, and all the noise from the various relatives and friends who were there is distracting and not helpful. So this point I have to cede to the Scientologists.
(Does this mean I have to like Tom Cruise now?)
Scientology suggests that the noise of birth can be disturbing for the child and that years later some of what was said during birth might resurface from the subconscience and cause repricussions. I don't agree with that. If you are told to "push, push" in delivery, years later when you tell your child to "push, push" a toy, I doubt he will experience pyschologial trama from the resurfacing memories. I don't believe any memories at that birth will resurface.
I like the idea of a quiet birth (I did not say silent), but not the Scientology reasoning behind it. So, I believe I can continue with my distain of all that is Tom Cruise with a clear conscience.


kilgorsky said...

Wait a second. I remember clearly when at my bith this asshole doctor said...

Tom is just great. I think he has too much money and time on his hands and needn't face REAL problems. So he invents his own dramas and issues.

Envoy-ette said...

What is: to have TOTAL control over a woman? Tell her to be SILENT while giving birth! What is the biggest guilt trip a father can accuse of mother of?
"You talked when he was born..and now he's SCREWED UP because of your yapping!"

If I can't grunt, can I hit you over the head with something near by? Ha!!! I'm sure part of the screw up is at least 1/2 your fault. Ha!!!

I join in your distain of Mr. Cruise. Although I am quite impressed that you didn't make much noise during your delivery! (I was like..."Get it out! Use the forceps...use the forceps!!!)