Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Downward dog

I power yoga now.
Well, I've done it twice.
The last time the class was cut short.
I was glad.
When I topple over, I do it in slow-motion, in an almost graceful motion.
I know this from watching myself in the wall length mirror that is in the yoga classroom.
If nothing else, I will get a good cardio workout from laughing so hard.
As will my fellow classmates if they are watching me.

CLARIFICATION: Power yoga is like regular yoga, only you move quickly from pose to pose instead of holding in one stance for a long period of time.


kilgorsky said...

My wife does joga. Every exercise looks so easy but when you try to do it, you lose you balance or fall over in a weird way.

Virenda said...

:0) I feel that way with ANY cardio step workout. I know I look like an idiot.

I try to work out but lately I've been lazy. Good for you and I hope you keep it up.

Uhhh what's "power" yoga? Like suped up yoga?