Friday, June 30, 2006

Home show

Last night I hosted my very first home show. As you all probably already know, home shows are where you have someone come in and give a demonstration about a product line and then wait for you guests to order stuff so that you can earn free products. Normally I am opposed to hosting parties, since I feel uncomfortable asking my friends to pretty much fund my desire for new things. But this jewelry just caught my eye - it's sterling silver with semi-precious gemstones. It's called Silpada jewelry and I just wanted it all, which is highly unusual for me.

So, I had the party and it was actually painfree. There was no presentation to sit through, the jewelry was just out for you to try on and admire. By the time the party was done, I actually earned myself $250 worth of free jewelry. Which means I was able to get some stuff for me and some birthday presents.

I also realized that I can have company over and even in my crowded living room we can have fun. For me this is a big step, since I have felt uncomfortable about having a group of "strangers" (folks who don't visit me often) hang out in my home. (I have an inferiority complex when it comes to the size of my home - in Texas everything is bigger, even the houses). I might even have hubby invite work friends and their wives over for a night of socializing.

**I've put up a link in case you want to check out the jewelry. I won't get anything from it, but I really think it is gorgeous. The catalogue does not due the jewelry justice - it is 100% prettier in person.***


kilgorsky said...

I wish there were home shows for me. They'd be for drums and I'd get the have free drum heads and sticks...

Envoy-ette said...

Kilgo's party would be a noisy one! I too LOVE jewelry!!! So glad you found a way to get some AND enjoy entertaining in your home!'s scary having a group over. You NEVER know what kind of information you'll learn!