Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Vacation checklist:

Lawn mowed so folks won't suspect that our home is abandoned - check
Laundry done so that we actually have clothes to put in the suitcases - check
Shopping done for clothes that actually fit after shrinking some in the wash - check
Haircuts done so that the family pictures at the wedding will be presentable - check
Rabbit packed up and ready to be delivered to the sitters - check
Itinerary printed out in duplicate, so hubby has one to keep safe and I have one to keep for pulling out and double checking and eventually losing - check
Extra spending money, though probable not enough - check
Ability to relax - not there yet, but give me a few drinks near the pool and I just might get there.



wally said...

Have a great time! Take lots of pictures and post them on your blog.

kilgorsky said...

I'm impressed. The OCD lists is what I do all the time :)

Have a blast!

Envoy-ette said...

You're set! Have a great time!