Tuesday, May 27, 2008

In a rut

It's that time of year, the time where I feel a need for change. In the past, this would have meant us moving (hubby's job had us on the go all the time). We're not moving, but I still feel like something different. Since we've been in this house almost 5 years, it is time for an update. Seems like we are here to stay, so we might as well some of our personality to the house. So, for the first time ever, I've got a list, a "honey do" list.
change the three bathrooms light fixtures and mirror
repaint bedroom
add crown molding throughout the house
add beadboard to bedroom walls
redecorate J's room with his input
build patio off back of house
replace kitchen counters with marble kitchen countertops
make raised garden beds

OK, the list is not going to get done this summer (our economic stimulus check is not that big), but we have one. It reminds me of the list folks always had taped to the closet door in our back hallway, taped there so Dad would always see it on his way out the door. As kids we would joke that if the list ever got finished, my folks would have to move. 30 odd years later, the list is still there at their house,they are not going anywhere; I'm hoping the same happens here.

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Envoy-ette said...

LOL! I love all of your ideas! All husbands get a honey-do list. Mine even says: "over the next 25 years". (hot tub, bedroom deck,inground sprinkler system, etc)