Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Bathroom ettiquette

Modern technology has greatly accelerated the decline in etiquette in society. Case in point: I was at the airport today and went into the ladies room. As I walked in, I overheard someone conversing, to whom I don't know, since it was a one-sided conversation. It was coming from one of the stalls...the stall that also had quite an odor coming from it. I freshened up, and the woman was still talking on her phone, while she was on the toilet.
I don't know what she was saying, since it was not English, but the tone of voice she was using was a conversational tone, not one of panic, anger, or sadness. What is so important to discuss that it can not wait until you are out of the bathroom? The person on the other side of that conversation had to be able to hear the flushing toilets, the hand dryer, and the other noises that go along with using bathroom stall. I wonder if she would invite that person into the bathroom with her in a face-to-face situation, since that is essentially what she was doing here.
So, am I old-fashioned in being affronted by this action? Is it appropriate to talk on the phone while using the toilet?

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Envoy-ette said...

You are right.