Friday, August 15, 2008

Gold in 2016

J has finally found a sport he enjoys, one that he has a desire to pursue: gymnastics. After his first class, he has been a wealth of information on the topic - the different forms, different equipment, how chalk benefits you when you're on the rings. It's quite exciting to see his excitement.
The gym he is attending is the same one 2 of our current Olympic team have attended, so I know he will get good instruction. We didn't search for that particular gym, it just happens to be the one closest to us.
He has a "competition" (in house testing of skills) tonight that he is looking forward to attending; he has already asked me "do you think I could go to the Olympics?". My answer? "To reach the Olympics you must be dedicated and persevere, you give up a lot to reach that goal, but you can work towards that goal. Anything is possible."

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Envoy-ette said...

Anything is possible! I'm glad you didn't squash him, like so many other parents do. What a great representative he will be for our country!