Thursday, October 09, 2008


Jman and I sat down to a nice dinner of pork tenderloin and Asian mixed vegetables with cashews. While Jman was eating his dinner, he started to complain that his stomach hurt. At first I thought he was just complaining that he did not like the dinner, which in our house, means nothing. It's your dinner, you eat it, no complaining allowed.
I was soon proven wrong. Jman started vomiting, not much, mouthfuls at a time. This would seem odd to most folks but it signifies something else to us. Hubby is severely allergic to certain nuts (cashews being one of them) and his reaction always starts with vomiting. Now we tested Jman for allergies when he was 5, since we did not want to have him go through an allergic reaction if possible. He has no reaction when he was a child to these tests, just to mold and dust.
Now I'm worried that Jman has developed an allergy to nuts. We'll have to schedule another appointment with the allergist to be sure, but for now we'll have to be more vigilant about what he eats; as if we weren't already cautious with his foods due to his cholesterol. Poor kid, his genetics are stacked against him.

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Envoy-ette said...

Dang! Poor little guy! I suppose the good news will be how fit he will be as an adult having to watch everything that goes into his mouth, as he is learning early.
I feel for him....