Friday, October 12, 2012

Fall's groove

It's hard for me to believe it is October already, as it seems as though it was just October yesterday, and by October yesterday I mean October 2008. Time seems to go by so quickly and I've lost my grasp upon it. Normally I would complain about this, as I feel like I've not had time to enjoy what is around me for as soon as I blink, another month has gone by.
However, I'm actually glad time is going by quickly since Hubby has been away. The time has been passing by in an expedient manner, which is good because that means he'll be home soon. Well, not until November (we hope), but that's just around the corner.
I had worried with this TDY that my son and I would clash constantly, since our buffer, hubby would not be here. Luckily, we both recognized early on that either one of us might just might have a bad attitude/ be in a bad mood that had nothing to do with the other person but that would still be directed to the other innocent party. We've both apologized to each other a few times over the past month, we've recognized the need for space and sometimes the need for closeness as well.
It is interesting to see how much maturity my 14 can display when he's called to action. There have some days where he has been more mature than me (I'm still getting used to full-time school and all the studying that goes with it).
What is also interesting to note is that our laundry loads have decreased 3 fold and our grocery bill has been cut in half, which does not really make since since only  1/3 of the family is missing. Our leftovers are not being eaten at a quick enough pace, which means we throw-out a lot more food too, much to both my and J's chagrin. I do enjoy the reduction in laundry quite a bit - I can get it done in one day vs. a load every other day.

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