Saturday, October 20, 2012

Shouldn't have said a thing

     I've noticed a disturbing trend about my child  - as soon as I brag about him, he tends to go and prove me wrong. Case in point, my last post I was bragging how my son had stepped up to be more mature and responsible while his dad has been gone. Well, come to find out, that is not exactly true. Seems my dear child decided that he did not need to do the reading for his AP human geography class or his English lit. class. Since both classes test on material found only in the books, this was a bad plan. What was a worse plan was when directly asked if he had done the reading, he lead me to believe that he had done it. Not acceptable. So, there go his after school activities. Which is sad, since he is Senior Patrol Leader in his troop (essentially the head scout). However, the rules are simple in our home: homework/schoolwork first, then fun.
    Overall, his attitude has also started to take a downturn. This is due in part to my attitude, which has been miserable, I admit it. My allergies have come on strong this fall, which means I get no sleep from all my sniffling and coughing or I sleep all the time from the allergy medicine, which means getting nothing done. Either situation makes me cranky. I've a lot of homework and studying to do, which means I do not appreciate having to follow-up to see if someone else has done his homework. Sigh.
    Yes, there are worse things that could be going on right now and people are going through worse.  My MiL starts chemo on Monday, with her stem cell transplant scheduled for Thursday. It is a very aggressive round of chemo; hopefully the side effects will not be too severe for her, especially not so severe that they have to forgo the transplant.  (odd coincidence, in the background  a commercial just played supporting the ACS fight against blood cancers). Another friend who loves in Korea just had emergency surgery for cancer of the appendix (I didn't even know it existed). They did a hemicolonectomy. She's only 40. A classmate's fiance was killed in a car accident. She's been overwhelmed with all the planning (he was a semi-famous BMX rider) and worry of what will happen to his daughter, the little girl who she has considered her own, but the law probably won't see it that way.
     So yes, life could certainly be worse and I do appreciate that...but I'm still tired.

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