Sunday, November 11, 2012

Thankful, part 1

It seems many of my friends have been publishing what they are thankful for on Facebook, one item for each day in November. I've been reflecting on it as well, but have chosen to condense it so as to make it a little more interesting to read, as you will notice that different days bring different attitudes from me, some days I'm more spiritual, others I'm more grounded.

Day 1: The grade school friendships that have lasted all these years and still brighten my days 35 years later. I have not always been able to count on the current people in my life, but the Graniteville group always has my back.

Day 2: Having Fridays off so that I am able to run errands relatively crowd free. Shopping and bank errands are not something I enjoy; but since I have to do them, at least I can do them when most other folks are at work.

Day 3: Sharing in volunteering activities with my son. I don't know if he appreciates it as much as I do; however, I always walk away with a happy heart and full spirit.

Day 4: My sister. She gets me and is always there to support me, no matter how down or frustrated I may be. Plus, I get her, and (hopefully) can do the same for her.

Day 5:  My soul mate, my hubby. He's not always able to be here physically, but he is always here in my heart.

Day 6: That I can vote, that I can express my opinion freely without fear of persecution (although there may be some snarkiness on facebook).

Day 7: For the drive to school, because I get to sing at the top of my lungs for over an hour with absolutely no one there to criticize my somewhat off-key singing.

Day 8: Hubby's support in my endeavor to become a PTA. He may not know how to pronounce all the terms, but he'll at least try.

Day 9: Naps

Day 10: A car that works and gets me from place to place relatively worry free.

Day 11: For every soldier who has made sacrifices to protect this country. Sacrifices that includes family time, material goods, physical health and their lives.

(to be continued...)

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