Monday, August 05, 2013

Lost found lost dogs

Meet Mello and Princess Pita, two strays that found their way to my door (literally) on a rainy day. These sweet babies were in my life for only a week, but they touched my heart. Mello was so easy going, so grateful for attention. He would walk up to me, put his head in the center of my chest and just lean, almost as though he was grateful that he had someone to share his burdens with. Princess Pita was definitely the alpha dog, even though she was a female. She kept Mello and Ollie in line, herding them across the yard. Poor Ollie, I would throw the ball to him, he would grab it, go to bring it back to me and Princess Pita would stop him five feet from me and take the ball from him. Pita would chew, on everything, from her dog bowls to her harness, to the blankets she slept on.
I was in the process of finding home for them with the assistance of a Lab and German Shepherd rescue when they were stolen from my backyard. I'd like to think that the owners saw them in my yard and were too embarrassed to knock on my door to claim them, but I doubt that is true.

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wally said...

Dawn: It's good to have you back in the blogosphere. I have two dogs also. They actually belong to my neighbor but they seems to like spending their time at my house.