Saturday, July 02, 2005

Independence Day

Monday is Independence Day, were we Americans celebrate our "freedom" from England, with bar-b-ques, parades and fireworks. It is also my son's birthday. From his excitement over the day, you would think his birthday is the reasong why everyone celebrates. He began the countdown to his birthday this Monday and has gotten more ramped up with each passing day and I can't understand why. We are not having his birthday party this weekend, it's next weekend; his dad won't be here, he's out of town for work; and I've told him I have no presents for him since I'm giving him his dream party (more on that in another post, although I do have a small present for him).

Don't get me wrong, we will do something to celebrate the day. In fact, he has already made out an itinerary. First, he had planned on playing legos with his dad (this was before he knew that dad would be gone), then he was going to play a game with me, my choice. We could go rent movies and watch them and then go to Souper Salad(a buffet style salad bar restaurant) for dinner . The only thing is, this is all normal stuff that we do on the weekends. In fact, aside from renting a movie, it is the exact same thing we did last weekend.

It is nice that he does not have wild expectations for his birthday. He is a down-to-earth kid who appreciates time spent with his family. We're still cool in his eyes, although I don't know how much longer that will last. He is already giving me my morning hug and kiss outside the daycare center, rather than allowing me to get them once we are inside in front of the other kids. Still he is a sweet boy and hopefully we will follow his plan for a "fun filled" birthday.

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wally said...

Your boy is lucky to have parents that provide good memories and family traditions and a stable home life. That seems to be a rare commodity in our society these days.