Sunday, July 17, 2005

Maxima 2005

I bought a new car the other day - a 2005 Nissan Maxima. For all those of you who have had bad experiences with this car; don't tell me, I do not want to know.
This car was the "surprise" for the sweetie that I mentioned in a post back in January. I have been working since January, saving every dollar to put toward this car. I had originally planned on not telling my husband I was working so that I could buy the car and just put it in the driveway for him. There were several kinks in that plan. One, I had no clue what specific details he wanted in this car, and two, I could not keep up appearances at home while working. So I broke down and told him back in March that I was working for the past three months and had he even noticed.
He said that he had not noticed, although it explained why I was so tired all the time. He did notice a few things around the house. One, that all the laundry was not done by the weekends. He said he thought I was just being less anal retentive about getting it done. He had also noticed the more thrown together striaght from the can meals that we were having, but he thought it better not to mention them. Smart man.

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wally said...

He is a smart man. You may keep him around for awhile. I've heard nothing but good things about the Maxima. Good handling, great performance, and superb styling.