Sunday, July 10, 2005


Today I experienced my first official "non-confirmed" tornado. We had a thunderstorm move in quickly and with it gale force winds. It came in without much warning, and it blew my neighbor's Rainbow playground set (this is the big, $1000+ set made of wood that has the fort, slide, triple swing option) right over, upside down onto it's roof. It was destroyed and shattered part of a plastic table it landed on. The scary part is that my neighbor was weedwhacking around the play equipment when the storm came in and his 7 month pregnant wife was cleaning up the yard toys at the same time. They almost didn't make it inside in time. We were lucky, it just blew our portable shed's roof off and our heavy gas grill went for a small trip into an iron fence.

The reason why we suspect that it was a small tornado that touched down - the neighbor on the other side of me had nothing destroyed, not even the 5 gallon jug of sun tea she had left out on her patio. In fact, a candle she had placed standing up in a plate of rocks was not disturbed in the least bit, it was still standing tall.

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Envoy-ette said...

That sounds like a tornado alright.
One touched down in a corn field here...and that corn was twisted and squished...but the field across the street...was unharmed.
Sorry about the roof from the shed!