Monday, September 26, 2005

100 things about me, part 1

1. I am an identical twin
2. I used to be an archaeologist
3. and an EMT
4. and a postal worker
5. and a substitute teacher
6. and a medical assistant
7. I want to win a Nobel Prize, I don't care in what subject
8. I have written a children's book; it wasn't published, but not for lack of trying
9. I would like to have some of my short stories published
10. I have broken my arm/hand/elbow three times
11. I am a klutz
12. I love Elvis movies
13. I have one son
14. I don't want any more children
15. I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up
16. I finished college in three years
17. I wish I was still in college
18. I met and married my soulmate
19. I love to read
20. If I don't do some sort of physical exercise every day I get cranky
21. I don't exercise everyday, so I am not a nice person to be around
22. If I am your friend, you can count on me to help you as long as you ask for help
23. I don't ask for help
24. I have no regrets in my life, every experience has made me stronger in one way
or another
25. I don't like birthdays
26. I expect everyone to work as hard as I do and am often disappointed
27. I can waste a whole day reading other people's blogs
28. Autumn is my favorite season
29. I've never taken any illegal substances
30. I've been stalked by two different men
31. I always can see the other person's side
32. I believe you are only given as much as you can handle
33. I've been in an art show (literally, I was one of the subjects)
34. My sister used to threaten to kill me when we were kids. She was serious.
35. I have a brother who I don't talk to and I don't know why.
36. I love to gamble with other people's money
37. I was on my college crew team
38. I own a dwarf rabbit
39. I am not living up to my potential
40. My favorite non-alcholic drink besides water is coffee milk shakes
41. I craved crab rangoons when I was pregnant
42. I have yet to find a hobby that I am good at
43. I'm 5'2"
44. I enjoy jobs that require some form of physical exertion
45. I love to rollerblade but have not been able to master stopping
46. Bike riding is also a passion, but only when I lived in New England.
47. I collect fountain pens
48. and cruets
49. I'm growing my hair for "Locks for Love"
50. I procrastinate


wally said...

1. What does your twin do?
2. Did you ever find any good stuff?
16. Finishing college in three years is quite an accomplishment.
18. You're very fortunate. I did too.
30. how did you get rid of those two stalkers?
36. I'll remember not to take you to Las Vegas.
47.How many pens do you have?
48. What is a cruet?

Dawn said...

My twin is a district coordinator for special education in her area. She does an awesome job. See 51. The stalkers - one was frightened away by a bodybuilder boyfriend, the other by half my dorm. I had good friends. Less than a dozen, I like the expensive ones. A cruet is a vessel used to hold small amounts of liquids, like salad dressing or cream.