Sunday, September 25, 2005

doughnut search

"Hey mom, Ive got an idea."
"Let's go get doughnuts for breakfast!"
"Yeah, that sound yummy. Let's go. We'll go to Shipley's down the street."

No we won't. Even though our area was spared from any devastation from the storm, we are still in a "recovery zone" and supply trucks have not made it here yet. So business have not reopened. If you forgot to stock up on gas, meds or food, you are out of luck. Our local Randall's grocery store was open, but all dairy and meats were being removed from the shelves and shoppers were not allowed to buy any of it. The bakery had no food, there was no bread. The only thing you could find easily were fresh fruits (no one stocks up on those for a storm).
From a food safety point I do understand why it was done, but it certainly was an odd sight to see. This obviously is what happens all over when a disaster stikes. It was so weird not being able to just go to the store to get my doughnuts and gallon of milk.
We haven't had basic services like mail either. Again, I'm glad our local government took precautions, but it seems weird trying to explain to outertowners why we haven't received letters sent. I never thought of this side of disaster recovery. It makes you realize that victims of storms continue to suffer for weeks afterwards, that they are not even able to get their small pleasures.It is something to remember that next time nature strikes hard.

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Flying Piggies said...

Glad you made it through! That stinks, not having supplies like that. What do you do if you need a prescription refill or something??