Wednesday, September 07, 2005


I told my boss that he needed to post for the accounting job I've been doing (along with my own by) by this Wednesday or I was quitting. He told me this morning that he posted it, which made me feel a little appreciated. Come to find out, it was my district manager who did it, not him, most likely from the strong suggestions of another manager who actually listens. It is OK, at least it was done. I don't know why I would expect my manager to get the work done - he doesn't listen most of the time anyway. I told him flat out "I do not know how to do this job". His response, "don't be silly, you are muddling through fine". "Muddling through" in an accounting position usually means trouble and audits. This is not something that should be acceptable.
I don't run the place, it is not my responsibility.


Envoy-ette said...

yeah....and it's your butt if they fail...right?

kilgorsky said...

Envoy, I was waondering if this is the case as I hear conflicting versions. Some friends told me it's never the accountant's fault and she will not be held responsible. Others say it's the other way around.

Dawn, who would face the consequences?

Dawn said...

I honestly don't know whose fault it would be deemed to be. I have taken preventive measures by telling my district manager what has been going on, so that if the shit hits the fan, I've covered my ass.