Wednesday, January 04, 2006

More vacation tales

So Christmas morning I hear stirring in the room my son is sleeping in. I pray that he waits a little longer before getting out of bed (it is 5:15). I also hope that he is not disappointed when he sees that "Santa" has left him but one gift here at my in-laws, and remembers that Santa was stopping at our house in Texas instead. I also hear the steady beat of a cold rain against the roof top. Luckily, baby boy goes back to sleep.

It's now 7:30 and I decide I have made J wait long enough to get out of bed. He hears me open the bedroom door and comes bouncing out of his room.
"Mom, Mom, I heard Santa's reindeer last night! They were on the roof! I heard their hoofs!" It seems the downpour sounded differently to my son than it did to me. What joy is on his face as he tells me this wonderful news.
He is not disappointed in getting only one gift under the tree; in fact, he is amazed that Santa found him here at his Nonna and Pepere's house.

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Cindy-Lou said...

Theirs is the only true joy of Christmas. Thank goodness for kids.