Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Valentine's Day

Let me tell you about my Valentine's Day. It has fury, mystery, humor and romance.

I came downstairs and saw on my kitchen table two cards, one from my son and one from my husband. My son was very creative - he had folded paper accordian style into a heart which I could open up to read the message in side. He had also enclosed a dollar bill, since he loves getting money so he figured I would too. Very sweet.

Let's see what else hubby left. Two cadbury creamy eggs. My thought: It's Valentine's Day, not Easter. Why the negativity? I knew hubby had gone out at 10pm the night before, and I assumed this is all he got. I had gotten his gift weeks ago and had actually put thought into it. I try to think positively - the card is very sweet, I knew when I married him that romanticism was not a word in his vocabulary.

Off to work I go, where I am surrounded by tales of plans of romance and fun. I steam, and futively hope that something will arrive at work for me, which is silly since he is not romantic.

The day passes; I go home, debate whether or not to wash the car for hubby, say "screw it he got me nothing", sit on the couch and read, hubby comes home.
He asks "How was your day?", my response "It was OK".
He stares at me and says "Just OK?" "Yes, why are you staring?"
He looks around, then goes upstairs to get changed. Comes back down. "Did you get your gift?"
"Yes, I got the card on the table this morning."
"Anything else?"
"The 2 Cadbury eggs" What significance of those candy eggs that he wants to bring them up again?
"Nothing at work?"
"No, was there supposed to be?" my heart perks up.
Come to find out; yes, there was supposed to be a delivery of flowers at work. For whatever reason they didn't come. Sweetie is a romantic and was thinking of me throughout the day.
Hubby is furious they didn't get delivered - he did notice the chill in the air when he came home. He searched the house to see if I had put the flowers somewhere, anywhere. As he put, it's not fair his heart was in the right place, he even wanted to show me the receipt to prove that he ordered them.

I didn't need to see a receipt. All I needed was to feel appreciated. Once he told me that he had sent flowers, it did not matter that I didn't get them. It may have actually helped that I didn't get them, because I could appreciate the thought more that was behind the action. We were actually able to get several laughs out of it, especially as he told me his impressions on things when he came home, which would not have occurred if the flowers had actually been delivered.

Final note, especially if hubby is reading. This only works once. :)


Envoy-ette said... ended well! I would be so mad if I ordered flowers and they didn't arrive on the day set! Did you get them today?

Dawn said...

They still haven't arrived as of 4pm.