Tuesday, April 24, 2007

No more good deeds for me

As I have mentioned in earlier posts, I volunteered to be the coordinator of my son's cub scout "Scout Fair Ticket" (SFT) committee. The chairperson of the SFT is responsible for having their pack sell tickets and then turn-in the correct amount of money and leftover tickets.
I knew I would have trouble with individuals following deadlines, so at the start of all this I handed out a printout outlining the rules along with all the important deadlines, including last Tuesday's date as the final deadline for money/tickets to be given back to me. Each week i sent reminders of the deadlines through email. As you may have guessed, tcome deadline time the materials were not all returned . Luckily I built in some leeway for my procrastinators and have been sending out reminder notices to the deliquent folks.

I had one parent tell me (because I've also been phone calling) that she ignored the emails because she didn't think it had anything to do with here. Well, since the email and phone call addressed her by name, I would say yes, it did have to deal with her.

Then there is the den leader who has ignored all 14 emails and 7 calls I've made to him until this morning when he finally responded. He stated that he believed that he didn't need to turn tickets in, since they did not have to do that in the past. Well, buddy you are wrong. Why would I waste my time begging you for the money or tickets if I didn't need them? Do you think I enjoy stalking you? Sometimes people make me so tired.

Then there is the dad who insists that he received only a partial packet of tickets, so he is not going to pay the $60 for the 6 missing tickets. No one received partial packets - I personally counted all 125 packets and verified the 10 tickets in each packet. I also had the den leaders verify as they handed out the packet to the individuals that there were ten tickets in each packet.

Luckily, after tonight's turn in I am done. I don't think I will step up and volunteer for this next year, since it was the scout leaders who gave me all the trouble.

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kilgorsky said...

I seriously hate people who are too lazy, or maybe too moronic, to write or call back.