Friday, April 20, 2007

This is a reward?

We finally finished the year end business at my work; things like reviewing budget, overages, shortages, and figuring out what the future year will hold. My manager, the district manager, and the regional manager all got together on this. I could hear them in their meeting and kept hearing phrases like "she'd be great for that" and "definitely detailed oriented enough for it". Without hearing my name, I knew they were talking about me - but exactly what about, I did not know.
After the meeting, my boss came out and said, "Great news Dawn, you get to teach training seminars this summer on Fridays, you know, the Fridays we are normally closed."

Reread that sentence - what word sticks out for you? Could it be the "closed" part, the day I don't normally work? Yes, for whatever reason, my boss actually thought I would be excited to work on my day off (which also means an extra day of daycare for J). Other than my hourly pay, there is no extra incentive for this project. I understand that I should feel honored to be nominated to train other folks in my region, but still, I would prefer to spend my summer Fridays at the pool with my son. Call me crazy, but that is just the way I am.


Envoy-ette said...

That stinks! Can you ask for a temp. raise to off set the cost of coming in? I bet those guys didn't even consider such a burden! Men don't really think about that stuff!

wally said...

Boy, am I glad I'm retired. I was never sold on the value of working for a living, and it's managerial bungling like that that reinforces my thinking.

kilgorsky said...

I hear you. I have very little time for myself and value every minute.