Monday, April 02, 2007

Spring Cleaning

I had a thrilling weekend of helping J clean his room. Usually this is a task I leave to him, since it his stuff and his room. However, biannually I need to get in there to "assist" in the cleaning since his idea of cleaning is shoving everything under his bed or behind an open backed shelf he has. When I point this out to him, he tends to agree that this is not the best way but does not necessarily clean it up. So yesterday I rolled up my sleeves and plunked myself down into the middle of the endless mess. He got everything out from under his bed and I helped him resort it all. On paper this does not seem like the Herculean task that it truly was especially since one of the members of the cleaning task force had to be reminded repeatedly that this was a cleaning effort and not a rediscovering effort. Two hours, two bags of trash and one box donations later and we sawthe floor again in his room. J rediscovered several toys he thought were lost for good, and we found a check from his grandparents that has been around since last Halloween.


wally said...

Seeing the floor in a kid's room is quite an accomplishment, but finding a check? What motivation! I'd clean the house more thoroughly and more often if I thought I could find a check once in awhile.

Envoy-ette said...

You are a brave soul.