Monday, September 12, 2011

Coupons for all

I'm a couponer. My mother was one when she was a young married mother of 3 children with a very tight budget and she taught me all that I know about them. I remember getting so excited to see how much my mom saved on her grocery shopping trip using the coupons. We would always aim for $10-$20 worth of coupons savings.
Now I have a little accordion file that I use to store the coupons until I need them. I get excited when I see the cub scouts selling "Scout Fair" tickets outside the grocery store, since that means they'll have $5 off your $75 purchase at the grocery store for each month of the year, plus many more coupons. I usually buy 4 and use all of the grocery store coupons plus many of the others (this year's free pint of Blue Bell ice cream in each packet was very much appreciated).

If I see that my coupons will expire soon and I won't be using it, I scout out other shoppers' carts to see if they have anything for which I have a coupon. If they do, I give them a coupon. I made some woman's day today - I gave her 3 coupons worth $2.40. Every little bit helps. Sometimes I have an extra scout fair ticket - that's $5.

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