Thursday, September 08, 2011

Wildfires in Texas

Wildfires here in Texas have been exasperated by drought conditions and we're sending our thoughts to those in danger. The smoke here is strong, you know when houses are burning because the smell changes from campfire-scented to an acridic burning scent. Schools have decided to cancel/hold inside outdoor activities. I've been checking to see how close the fires are - some are as close as 15 miles, most are 35 miles away. I'm not really worried about them reaching us (which might be naive), but I am worried about several of my friends. One I spoke to today has everything packed and ready to go in case mandatory evacuations are enacted. In case you are wondering, she is taking important papers (passports, bank statement, shot records, deeds,etc), all her photos and 2 weeks worth of clothing. Everything else which be at the mercy of the fires. Another friend has been moving her horses back and forth, and finally had just leave them for there was no where to take them. One horse is pregnant, she's hoping the stress of the fires does not put her into labor early.

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