Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Lurking in the woods

As I've mentioned before, my family and I go "geocaching". If you did not read that post, it is where you take a portable GPS, enter map coordinates from the geocache website, and then search in the great outdoors for a "cache" that has been hidden by some individual. Last weekend we went on a search for treasure, and boy did we see some unexpected things.
The coordinates that we had led us along a off-road path, that looked to be frequented by all terrain vehicles on a regular basis. To the left of this winding path there was a berm and on the other side of that, a bayou (which is really just a very large, natural drainage ditch). As we closed in on our target, we had to veer off the path and up the berm. Hubby had the boy and I wait while he went up, so he could check to be sure that it was not a sudden drop off or anything dangerous.
Hubby goes up, hubby quickly comes back down.
(ME) "Is it clear for us to go over?"
(Hubby) "No, we better wait a few minutes."
(ME) "Why?"
(Hubby) "There are people there, and they need a few minutes"
(ME, the dense one) "What are they doing - did they find the cache?"
(Hubby) "No, they are busy."
(ME) "Huh?"

(Who knows what they were doing? Anyone, anyone?)

(Hubby in a whisper so the boy doesn't hear, since boy is now getting antsy)
"They're having sex!"

Ohhh. Well I lead the boy off to the an area a little bit to the left and actually found the cache. The couple soon left on their ATV, and we were able to finish our walk. I bet that couple never expected company when they planned their rendezous.
As a side note, Hubby and I both were itching with some severe poison ivy from that trip. Ours was on our legs (we both had worn shorts), I can only imagine where the two lovebirds were scratching!
their poison ivy!


Jill said...

Yeowww. That's why you should keep as many cloths on in the woods as possible.

Envoy-ette said...

LOL!!! Maybe that was the treasure!

lackofram said...

Well serves them right!